Anonymous Search Engine


Anonymous Engine is more than just an anonymous search engine. Always a free service aimed at protecting users identities online while searching and browsing the web.

This website takes your search requests and anonymizes them returning search results anonymously. Users identity protection doesn't stop there. Once a user has chosen a page to visit the browsing request are then forwarded through on our anonymous web proxy servers. A direct link is also available next to each search result for non-anonymous browsing. Browsing request that go through the proxy have all javascript, ip headers, cookies, location data, and any other trackable or personally identifiable information.

The proxy also allows us to conceal your ip address from the rest of the internet. All web browsing through the Anonymous Engine proxy servers strip out your ip address before passing data back and forth. We are also able to remove malware from infected websites and other things that might reveal your identity online.

The proxy servers used by Anonymous Engine are engineered to maximize your privacy on the internet. We do not keep logs of your search and browsing habits through Anonymous Engine. As mentioned earlier we block cookies from visiting websites so that they cannot track your habits on our search anonymizer service. Additional important and private information may be stripped out like your ip, geographical location, browsers user agent, and any current cookies on your computer.

Your connection from and to our servers is also encrypted at all times with high grade 128 bit or 256 bit ssl connection.