Anonymous Search Engine

Privacy Policy

Your privacy on Anonymous Engine is paramount in providing the best anonymous internet searches. We comply with the standards of Do Not Track without requiring users to opt for this or making any changes to their existing computer configuration.

1.No cookies will not be placed on your computer.

2.Advertisement partners are clearly marked and will only load on each page contextually with no javascript tracking codes, urls, or other methods.

3.Your searches and - or web browsing on Anonymous Engine search proxy network will not be recorded and - or monitored while using this service.

Furthermore the Anonymous Engine proxy search team will seek to strip out all of your private information including but not limited to ip address, geo physical location, web browser user agent, any currently cached cookies, and - or your web browsing history.

We currently employ a javascript encryption method to anonymize data stream between client computer and our anonymous search proxy services. Furthermore all data is encrypted via standard 128 bit ssl encryption for your safety online.

We do not use an javascript analytics or other website tracking systems by visiting the Anonymous Engine.